Seconds Sale Sweatshirts

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Seconds Sale Sweatshirts

★ Up to 50% off each item ★

These are the sweatshirts that I have managed to stock up over the last year, they are all in perfect condition only used to take photos for my website.

★ Items will be taken to the post office when I next go which is once or twice a week so no long waiting time.

★ There is only 1 of each item.

★ Sorry the pictures are in put in a photo of 4 but I am limited to the amount of photos but I am more then happy to send you a individual photo of the product, please message me.

★ Please check size chart in the option part at the bottom of the website.

★ Please make sure you check your size and the colour you would like before ordering as seconds sale, we cannot offer a refund or exchange.